Sourav Mishra

Sketch of Sourav Senior ML Engineer
AState Inc., Tokyo


Pronoun: He/Him

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Gojinsha Tokyo Akihabara 501
3-5-2 Iwamotocho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


I am currently working for AState Inc., focusing on machine learning applied to real estate, GIS and urban development. We are trying to ascertain the complex choices made in housing for large urban centers, and (hopefully) we can improve them in due course.

Previously, I was a Senior ML Scientist at Anymind Japan, where I worked on several pipelines related to ad-tech & recommender systems. I completed my PhD in EECS (2021) at The University of Tokyo. My doctoral research involved optimization and deep learning in small-data regime & homogeneous user-generated data. I have dual M.S [Electrical & Computer engineering (2013) and Biomedical imaging (2015)] from Virginia Tech.


My PhD research focused on effective learning from small, noisy and imbalanced datasets. Although widely applicable, these techniques found a significant use case in healthcare. Our research group produced several state-of-the-art results for anomaly detection in medical images. In addition to ML, I have interest in computational imaging and photogrammetry. I have been a recipient of a MEXT fellowship (2017-2020) at the University of Tokyo, a Bradley scholarship (2012) at Virginia Tech and a research fellowship at Stanford Biodesign (2010). During PhD, I was a visiting scholar at Microsoft Research ML.


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