Sourav Mishra

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Anymind Group
Tokyo Office

tel : +81-3-6384-5542

Pronoun: He/Him

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31F, Mori Tower  
6-10-1 Roppongi
Minato-ku, Tokyo


I am currently working for Anymind Japan in their product development and emerging technologies team.  Prior to this role, I was a graduate student at the University of Tokyo, working towards a PhD under Dr. Toshihiko Yamasaki. My doctoral research involved optimization and deep learning for small and homogeneous data. I received dual M.S [Electrical & Computer engineering (2013) and Biomedical imaging (2015)] from Virginia Tech prior to my PhD stint at the University of Tokyo.


My PhD work focused on how models could learn from small and imbalanced datasets effectively. Although applicable to several multimedia types, the techniques have their best use case in healthcare. Our group produced several state-of-the-art results for anomaly detection in medical images. Before machine learning, my interests were in computational imaging. I have been a recipient of a MEXT fellowship (2017-2020) at the University of Tokyo, a Bradley scholarship (2012) at Virginia Tech and a research fellowship at Stanford Biodesign (2010). During my stint at the University of Tokyo, I was also a visiting scholar at Microsoft Research ML.


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